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How do you differentiate between for Macro and Micro on the site?


You must see that we separate all beers into Micro and Macro categorizes on Untappd. I bet your wondering where the logic is behind that and why certain beers are Micro and not Macro.


We categorize all Breweries into 4 categories on Untappd, based on production size. Here is our breakdown:

  • Macro Brewery ( Greater than 6 million barrels / year )
  • Micro Brewery ( Less than 6m barrels / year )
  • Nano Brewery (Small and produces less than 200 gallons / year )
  • Brew Pub (Only brews / sells on premisses only )
  • Home Brewery (non-distributed home brews)

It's important to note that Nano and Brew Pub are sub-categories under Micro brewery. This is the methodology we follow on our site for all beers and breweries.

You can see what Breweries are categorized by going to their page on Untappd and looking at the Brewery Type section in their header.


If you see one that is incorrect - please let us know by starting a discussion and we will fix the issue at hand.