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Untappd delivers a new mobile, web-based social network for beer drinkers and enthusiasts

Los Angeles / New York – October 22, 2010 – Something More Human, an agile web development house, today announced the unveiling of Untappd, a new mobile, web-based application that enables beer drinkers to share beers, beer-drinking establishments and feedback about beers with friends and other beer-drinking enthusiasts.

Untappd takes advantage mobile web technologies to create a brand new social media tool for those who enjoy sipping a pint in the pub. Users can “check-in” the beer they are enjoying, add the location where they are enjoying it via Foursquare, and share this with their network of friends as well as the broader Untappd community. In response, friends can comment on or toast these “check-ins” with any questions or feedback they may have. This interaction allows users to discover different beers outside of their normal drinking preferences, as well as different places to enjoy those beers.

What’s more, Untappd takes advantage of the growing trend of “gamification” by adding game-like features into the application. Users can win “badges” for trying certain beers, beer styles, drinking at certain times, or trying certain establishments.

“Most beer applications allow you to keep notes about the beers you like and don’t like and sometimes share them, but until now, there hasn’t really been a real social network to share your favorite beers and bars with friends,” said Tim Mather of Something More Human. “Using a mobile, web-based application like Untappd makes that interaction not only easy, but thoroughly enjoyable.”

Beer drinkers will enjoy the following features in Untappd:

Mobile, Web-Based Application - Untappd is entirely mobile and web-based, making it compatible across multiple mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Palm Pre and BlackBerry OS6. Updates and additions to the app are instantaneous as there is no app store approval process.

Accompanying Website - Untappd offers a full featured website that allows users to manage their profiles, friends, and comment from the comfort of their computer.

Foursquare Integration - With full integration into Foursquare’s API, Untappd allows users to associate your beer “check-in” with a location, as well as “check-in” to that location via their Foursquare account. This eliminates the extra step of having to switch apps to check-in a second time for the venue.

Beer/Venue Discovery - One of the goals for Untappd is to help users expand their beer horizons by discovering different interesting beers and locations that other users are frequenting. If a user notices one of their friends trying a new beer or hanging out at a new venue, they may then be enticed to try it and share their experience.

Badge System - Users are able to earn various badges for their “check-ins”, all of which are based on different drinking, time and locations scenarios. An example is the “Happy Hour Hound” badge, which is earned by checking in at least 10 times during a month between the hours of 4PM and 8PM at a venue labeled as a bar. Badges are constantly being added to make sure there are always fresh challenges for users.

Facebook, Twitter - Drinking socially is all about sharing and with full integration of Twitter and Facebook, users are able to find friends from these networks that are also using Untappd, as well as share their “check-ins” and earned badges via their profiles.

Untappd can be found at http://untappd.com. For more information, please contact info@untappd.com or on Twitter at http://twitter.com/untappd.

About Something More Human

Something More Human is an agile web development firm that believes that no one should have to read through FAQs and Help sections to figure out how an application works. It’s this mindset that drives our team to design and develop web applications that work like humans think. Founded in 2009 by Tim Mather and Greg Avola, Something More Human is a cross country partnership based in Los Angeles and New York, and has had the pleasure of developing web applications for clients like Weezer, Universal Music Group, and Epitaph Records.

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