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What happens when I "like" a brewery?


You are starting to see all these like buttons on brewery pages on Untappd. What does all mean?


Liking breweries is a new feature that we released as part of our Brewery Claiming feature. Once a brewery is claimed - you will see a LIKE BREWERY button on the right sidebar.


You will also see this after your check-in to a brewery that is claimed on Untappd:


Why would I "Like" a brewery?

Upon liking a brewery - it gives the them access to comment and toast on your checkins to their portfolio. This is important for them to get feedback about the beer and follow up with you if there is an issue.

However, sometimes it's just a good way of letting the brewery know that you dig their stuff, and they can respond back in the same manner:


By you liking a brewery, no information of you is shared with them. It only allows them to Toast and Comment your checkins. You can see list of breweries to "Like" here: https://untappd.com/business/breweries