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How can I reset my password to my Untappd account?


So you don't know your password, and your really upset. Never fear - the answer is simple!


NOTE : You must be logged out of any personal account to see these pages. If you are trying to reset a password for your brewery account, please make sure you follow the steps listed in bold at the bottom of this page and are logged out of personal account.

On the Login page (http://untappd.com/login), simply click the "Forgot your Password Link", Or you can go to https://untappd.com/account/reset_password directly.


Once there, you can fill out the required form as shown below. When completed, it will send you an email with instruction on how to perform the reset:


If you are trying to reset a brewery account, make sure you set "YES" for the drop down. Please note that you must be logged out of any personal account.