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I'm not getting an email for my password reset! Help!


You just want to use Untappd, but that brain of yours can't remember the password so you attempt to reset it - but haven't received an email yet. What's going on?


There are couple possible ways to attack this and get your password:

  1. Check your spam folder: Most of the time, these password resets go to the spam folder because they are generic enough and some spam filters might pick them up. A good rule of thumbs to add a Spam rule that allows all emails from account@untappd.com through no matter what.

  2. Your email provider might be blocking our emails: We've received some reports that some email providers might be blocking our emails due to sensitive content. The email providers thave noticed that trouble are: sbcgobal, att, bellsouth, and some hotmail accounts. If you have one of these - we recommend that you change it to another email address.

  3. If all esle fails - open a help ticket at http://help.untappd.com/discussions/untappd-password-reset-request and we'll get right on it! Make sure you make the ticket private, and include the following information: Username, Email Address and DOB. Once you make the ticket private - your data will not be available to anyone but our staff.