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How can edit/change my rating on a checkin?


You changed or mind - and you want change your rating. How can you do that?


You can only change your rating PER check-in and your rating for a beer is averaged up based on all your checkins. More info on that is here: http://help.untappd.com/kb/beer-guidelines/how-are-ratings-determin...

To change your rating, simply navigate on the app (*this is not available on the web*) to the checkin on which you want change the rating.

**IMPORTANT - You must got to the check-in of the rating you want to change, not the beer page.*

On iOS - tap the "Settings" gear on the top right and select "Change Rating"


On Android - tap the "3 button option" on the top right and select "Change Rating"


Then, just follow the steps on the subsequent page to change you rating:


if you have any questions - let us know at http://untpd.it/newticket.