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How can I see a my photo or a brewery's photo gallery on Untappd?


So you like photos - but that little widget on the sidebar doesn't quit cut it for you and want to see them all. Never fear - that feature is now here!


We are now offering photos galleries for all photos by a user or by a brewery. We plan on adding galleries to venues in the future.

To view a gallery for a User


  • Click on link at the bottom of that sidebar to see all the photos from that user! You can also just add "photos" to the end of the URL for a user profile.

For example: http://untappd.com/user/gregavola/photos


To view a gallery for a Brewery


  • You will now see a grid of all photos sorted by date for a brewery. Hover over the image for more details on the photo! You can also just add "photos" to the end of the URL for a brewery page.

For example: http://untappd.com/brewery/1149/photos

That's it! Hope you enjoy!