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What types of beverages are NOT allowed on Untappd?


You have read this (http://help.untappd.com/kb/beer-guidelines/what-types-of-drinks-are...) post on what beers are allowed on Untappd, but you are still question if the drink you have is allowed on Untappd. Never fear, the answer is near!


The following are list of beverages not allowed on Untappd:

  • wine (fermented grape beverage)
  • sake (fermented rice beverage)
  • beverages that contain distilled alcohol (examples include whisky, vodka, brandy, liqueurs, distilled beer)
  • blend or mix of beer with a different beer, when done after bottling or kegging / casking
  • blend or mix of beer with any other beverages, flavorings, or substances; when done after bottling or kegging / casking
  • root beer from soft drink makers*
  • ginger beer / ginger ale from soft drink makers* or non-alcoholic ginger beer.
  • non-alcoholic kombucha & kombucha from soft drink makers
  • all other fermented beverages that are not on the Untappd list of supported beverages (http://help.untappd.com/kb/beer-guidelines/what-types-of-drinks-are...)
  • all other non-alcoholic beverages that are not beer (examples include water, soft drinks, energy drinks, juices, coffee, tea, milk)
  • any other product, such as ice cream or food, that is made with beer

  • A soft drinker is someone who doesn't make a beverage that is on this list. For example A&W, Pepsi, etc are soft-drinker makers, but they do make a Root Beer - but don't make anything that would qualify as an acceptable product on Untappd.

Please note that if you create a beverage from this, you may loose your creation access.

For questions about clones and beer naming standard - check out this guide: http://help.untappd.com/kb/beer-guidelines/beer-naming-standards